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adding value to the raw material’s life cycle

we provide technology and viable business case to avoid landfilling of secondary raw materials, transforming them in a functional resource to large scale 3D printing process, based on robotic anthropomorphic hardware and user-friendly software that will set standard for additive manufacturing


recycle raw materials

The aim of cyclefiber is to industrialize and implement recycling process for the high volumes of secondary raw materials

create filaments

we are mainly interested on recycling secondary raw materials used for all kind of industrial process, focusing in discovering materials susceptible to be used as filaments for 3D printers

design 3D printers

we also design new 3D printers able to optimize the new filaments coming from new recycled materials, hence reducing manufacturing time and cost and bringing to a negligible value the investment required for new products

environmental impact

cost effectiveness and environmental impact is our main objective to prove the feasibility of using recycled secondary raw materials

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